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Diagnostic X-Ray

X-rays allow us to view the health and alignment of your spine. X-rays are non-invasive and are almost always taken before any sort of adjustment takes place. An X-ray can determine if there are fractures or broken bones causing pain; in which case a chiropractic adjustment would not be the course of treatment.

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Are X-rays Safe?

X-rays are extremely safe. While an x-ray technically increases the risk of Cancer, this risk is extremely minimal; not rising to the level of a bad sunburn. The diagnostic benefits of x-ray far outweigh the risks. X-rays often catch anomalies that can go unseen for years. X-rays can show signs of arthritis, deformation, wear and tear on the bones and joints, and otherwise give a decent picture of where and why a patient is experiencing pain.

Do you need an x-ray? Call our office today to schedule and appointment to evaluate your health concerns. Let's see what is hurting your, identify why, and get it stopped quickly. 480-892-0022.